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about me

The Portrait Company has been a big part of my life since 1990.  With my degree in photography, and a lot of help from my family, I opened my studio in Old Town Spring.  This was a dream come true!  Yes, I am a dreamer. 

Still to this day, and night, I dream IN COLOR.  So much lately that I have been painting,  There is not a canvas too big.  I am putting color on most everything.   I hope to have some of my paintings on line soon.  (I need to take photos of them first-like the shoe maker who has no shoes...…)

Since 1990, I have been a "People" photographer exclusively.  Life happens, my boys have grown up, and I have been able to travel more, I have started seeing the world differently.  I began to slow my life down a little and see the ART all around me.  All the details are incredible if you stop and look and then look deeper.  (It helps to have a Macro lens attached to the camera.)

So I have tried to capture a few images and turn them into ART.  Take a look at my ART STORE.  Become a member and let me know what you think.  Stay connected and watch for new images.  

I am also taking on new clients.  Let me know if you have the need to put a SPICE in the family photo or if you are just in the mood to get ARTSY and add some color to your walls.  

                           Add some SALT,

                   I can help with that, call me,

                    979 251 2516 Donna Salter  

                   THE PORTRAIT COMPANY

                                since 1990


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